Shandy Longcore tried to kill herself when she was 10.

But she’s more than a motivational speaker. She might just save your life.


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“i didn’t feel pretty.”

Looking back, Shandy herself has trouble understanding how something so seemingly trifling could have prompted her to put a rifle to her chest and pull the trigger. But at the age of 10, through the lens of a youngster, — at any age — some things can seem insurmountable. Somehow, Shandy survived. And left the comfort of a corporate job to draw a line in the sand about suicide and start a serious conversation. She knows what it’s like to feel as though there’s nothing left to live for. But she also realizes how there is power and the opportunity to turn things around in connecting with another person. The search for meaning and hope can be tough. But Shandy will inspire you to keep trying. Let her walk with you and your pain.

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there is no "perfect"

This world harbors a trove of grace and beauty. But you’ll go a long while trying to capture perfection. That’s because outside of a spiritual realm, you’re not likely to find it. Pop culture tries, trotting out everything from makeup to diets to social media platforms that whisper, “This is the way you should be.” Shandy can help you wade through all the half-baked come-ons and instead help you embark on a quest for truth. Along the way, you’ll discover that nobody is perfect. So let’s stop trying. Instead, let’s focus on our gifts, and practice sharing them with others. Let’s cultivate the real shape and pace of our lives.

“moving.” “heartfelt.”


Those are some of the words audiences are using to describe Shandy Longcore as she presents her story of wisdom, health, humor and hope. Chances are you’ll see some of your own life reflected in hers. Let her help you see and hear and feel the visceral threads that connect us all.

the statistics are sobering. let’s reverse the trend.


There is one death by suicide every 12 minutes in the U.S.


Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S.


On average there are 129 deaths by suicide in the U.S. every day

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